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Current Music:"Stairway to Heaven" - Led Zepplin
Subject:As the mechanical hands of Chicago tuck me in.
Time:05:10 pm
my life support;
keeping my pulse at
these awkward rhythms, screaming
stories of scuffed shoes and
crumbling bridges.

Bridges that held us
as we inhaled the trees
fading into the sky, and
the warn areas below

Do you remember?
Oh, Miss Guild
a time when this nostalgia wasn’t
wrapped around our necks?

"but you cant have a cure if
you don’t have a diagnoses,
just layers and layers of diseased organs and
shortened breath."

it'll pass,
it'll pass, it'll pass,
like the warn yellow slapped onto these city streets,
trampled by tourists,
and all else that leaves too quickly.

but I've been inhaling these bread crumbs lately,
they were never baked to be eaten,
just to mold between these interstates that separate us.
Oh, Jack,
are these just rambles to you,
or a constant reminder of how unnecessary these oceans between us really are?
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Current Music:"Child Star" The Unicorns
Subject:and I tried to deny all feeling as two evils slaughtered themselves across my tense appendages.
Time:08:07 pm
Current Mood:depressedfucking dead.
I've never been so emotionally drained in my life.
The cold from the sheets is the only thing keeping me convinced this is real.

I turned off the light, and joined hands with conciousness as I went back into an empty bedroom, but instead I locked eyes with Mike, smiling, because Mike always fucking smiles and it always comforted me until now. I don't remember what I said. All I remember is the burning in my cheeks, and the evaporation of whiskers slowly deleting themselves from my face forever. Repetitivley damning the moist trails drowning the ivory paint that suffocated my pores, and I, for the first time, began to feel guilty for the act, finding within me and it a whirled relation.

This will get better
but tonight
I sleep more alone than I ever have before,


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Current Music:"Boats and Birds" Gregory and the Hawk
Time:07:33 pm
Current Mood:optimistic.;adsgh;kjhgd;kjhgf!!1
my heart resembles a jackhammer occupied by a guy (or woman) with carpal tunnel syndrome and
I feel myself falling into sillouettes of the seventhgrade.

yeah, that about covers it.
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Current Music:"same" snow patrol
Time:02:43 am
Current Mood:satisfiedsatisfied
I went to the Quad Cities today with Tag, Ian, Jeff, and Julia
and by that I mean we all drove to it, then back through it, and back through it.. and by the time we stopped and we knew we were, everything was closed. There was constant screaming, and swearing, and laughing. It was great. I needed a life outside the showplace 8, outside Galesburg, and I guess a green station wagon was just the ticket. I think I'm going to hit up Chicago with Jeff by the end of this week, rock out to some Taking Back Sunday and gay clubs, perhaps some Metric.. I hope it doesn't fall through.. everything always falls through anymore. fuck adolescants.
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Current Music:"Girls" Beastie Boys
Time:07:55 pm
I'm going to Iowa to spend the weekend with my big sister this weekend.
I'm excited,
her millionaire bf is out of town, so we get to kick it high class in his house.
I love her.

I found a box of legos when going through the remaining unchared objects from the giant bon fire hosted by my brother within my old house
I've been building catles all day.

and to FIFI:
the fucking clown came back in a box today
it survived a fire, a crash from the second story window, and a rubber vs. face battle with my car's tires
..be afraid.
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Current Music:"Love" Ashlee Simpson
Time:02:44 pm
Current Mood:enragedRHAARRR!!@!!!11
every single penny in my next pay check goes to the man.
$75 speeding ticket $70 penalation fee for spending money I didn't have.
I'm going to die on my own.
the new ashlee simpson song sucks.
I have to go to work now, to recieve money I can't spent.

Me and Jeff decided to go Laguna beach on our possible swirl dates.
So at 2am last night we went to galva and wrote all over Tag's windows
and I bought a bunch of stuff to decorate my boy's room.
whom has lj, so I can't mention the name... jeez, I luv jr. high secerets NOONEZ CAN KNO I LIEK HIM, TEEHEE.
which was supposed to be while he was at school. but I was out night doing Tag's.
So I slept. for eternity.
I can't wait.
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Current Music:MADDDEEE!!
Time:04:22 pm
Current Mood:ditzyCRUNK.
I've had this real HAZE on life lately.
I really can barely walk today
I get dizzy and run into things
but I guess it keeps me in bed
and watching unlimited reruns of made and lets me consume an ungodly supply potato soup
I hope I pass out later, I've never passed out before,
it shall be a trip.

When this is over I think I want to drive really far
for no reason
anyone else downnnn?
you fucking better be.

Oh yeah, I dont have school tomorrow..
or EVER.
suck that..
then me,
GER-OWLL, baby!!!

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Current Music:"That's me Trying" William Shatner/Ben Folds
Time:05:31 pm
Current Mood:optimisticoptimistic
He's still not ready for commitment
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Current Music:da ashley angel show
Time:02:16 pm
Current Mood:indescribabledependenttt.
agh, last day of community studies,
I'm gonna miss it.
Me an Nick just walked down to inkeepers and hung out, talked about life, and the L-train, and slumber parties, I just realized I'm never gonna see him ever again, and that sucks. I've never just met someone and realized, this is the last time I'll see them in my life, it scares me, and I don't know why.

2 days of high school left
I think I'm gonna fail ap government
maybe I shouldnt have gotten high so much at the beggining of the term, 'cause I'm fucked
can you just take one class instead of an entire term? because, uh, I would enjoy that.
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Current Music:"Proposition 61" The Most Serene Republic
Time:03:11 pm
I saw this lady getting her face beat in at the Auto Zone parking lot yesterday
I told this story too much,
but it was AWESOME
I called the cops,
but I wasnt' on tv :|
.. fuck the fox network.
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